IJCAI-21 Call for Expressions of Robot Exhibition Interest

We are pleased to present the call for expressions of interest in the IJCAI 2021 Robot Exhibition. IJCAI is the major conference of the worldwide AI community, and the Robot Exhibition will run alongside its technical program. Robot systems serve as effective development, test, and validation platforms for AI research. The IJCAI Robot Exhibition seeks to showcase the state of the art in robotics systems for AI research – we are looking for demonstrations of systems, software, tools, and competitions that would be of interest to the broad AI community, including, but not limited to:

  • Single and multi-robot platforms
  • Sensor suites and support infrastructure
  • State of the art AI systems implementations, including perception software, planning frameworks, etc.
  • Benchmark datasets or standardized simulator environments for evaluation
  • Open competitions to showcase leading examples of the above

Presentation Format

Due to the expected COVID-19 restrictions, IJCAI-21 Robot Exhibition is planned as a virtual event.
Each demo presented at IJCAI will consist of:

  • A website of the demo, which includes a description of the contribution and links to the technical content (video recording/activities, stated below)
  • A video recording associated with the exhibition activity (up to 2 minutes)
  • An optional synchronous activity, e.g. a live remote demonstration
  • An optional asynchronous interactive activity, e.g. a web based simulator or user–executable software package
    The synchronous / asynchronous interactive activities are optional, but having one or more of those will increase the chances of the proposal to be accepted.

Submission Instructions

At present, we are seeking expressions of interest for

  • Demonstrations and exhibits by universities, research organisations, or companies
  • Proposals for robot competitions (note that competitions should be virtual)

In keeping with the robotics exhibitions at past editions of IJCAI, expressions of interest will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance: What is the relevance of the shown demonstration/competition to AI?
  • Understandability: How amenable is the showcase to technical and non-technical audience?
    Expressions of interest must be submitted via CMT, and should include the following:
  • A short description of the proposing group/company
  • A description of the proposed activity, with reference to the two criteria above (up to two pages)
  • A short video demonstration (up to 2 minutes)

Submission website: https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/IJCAIRobot2021

Important dates

  • Submission of expressions of interest: May 21, 2021.
  • Notification of acceptance: June 14, 2021.

Robot Exhibition Chairs

Confidentiality Policy

All submissions will be treated in strict confidence.