Advances in debating technologies
AI planning
Bayesian inference for deep learning
Cognitive vision
Communication efficient distributed learning
Complex event processing
Deep learning for human mobility
Deep learning for recommendations
Deep learning on graphs for natural language processing
From statistical relational to neural symbolic artificial intelligence
Incentivized exploration
Kr r meets cyber-physical systems
Learning with noisy supervision
Mechanism design without money
Modern aspects of big time series forecasting
Neural machine reasoning
Quantum neural networks for speech and natural language processing
Towards robust deep learning models

A quarter of day

Artificial Intelligence approaches for covid-19 and future pandemics
Continual learning dialogue systems
Conversational recommender systems
From standard summarization to new tasks and beyond
Machine reading comprehension
Neural text to speech synthesis
NS4NLP neural-symbolic modeling for natural language processing proposals
Recent advances in reinforcement learning for human-AI collaboration
Reinforcement learning for education
Theoretically unifying conceptual explanation and generalization of dnns